Burning Man

Digital & Print 2015

Being given the project to rebrand a festival was a challenge conisdering how much design the festival had already put into the world. For the logo, I combined the shape of the city during the festival with the Burning Man Character. The dots are to show that people come from all around the world, like a compass. As for the rest of the pieces, I found that Burning Man's website and marketing wasn't protraying the anti-capitalistic atmosphere that this festival makes in a modern way. I developed the copywriting "Dreams. Culture. Possibilites". My idea was to take these words and spray them on walls within countries all around the world in their language to advertise the festival. I also developed a poster design, and a DVD slip considering there is an aftermovie every year. I also wanted to clean up with website. By using multiple navigations, I was able to take the site they already had and clean it up to a more user freindly atmosphere.

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